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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Antwerp

Κλείστε φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Antwerp. Ταξίδι για διακοπές ή για εργασία. Για όποιον λόγο και να ταξιδεύετε το Travelkiki βρίσκει για εσάς αεροπορικά εισητήρια για Antwerp εύκολα και γρήγορα. Οργανώστε το ταξίδι σας και αφήστε το Travelkiki να σας κλείσει τα πιο φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Antwerp!

Flights from Greece to Antwerp

Antwerp, mother of Pieter-Paul Rubens and world capital of fashion, art and style! If you’re searching for cheap air tickets to Antwerp, be prepared to find yourselves not only in one of Belgium’s most fascinating cities, but also in one of Europe’s top travel destinations. An artistic scene that’s all about breakthroughs and innovations, a charming medieval architecture and a colourful cluster of shops, boutiques and quaint little markets are everywhere around Antwerp and it’s sure they will make your day! Find cheap hotels in Antwerp and enjoy your stay in the Belgian fashion mecca, with this adorable Flemish spirit!

Πληροφορίες για Antwerp

Belgium’s second largest city, Antwerp is a top travel destination and manages to combine the medieval charm with the latest trends in fashion, haute couture, gourmet cuisine and nightlife.

The great artist Pieter-Paul Rubens was born and lived in Antwerp; his home is now a museum honouring him and his work.

Visitors in Antwerp just can’t have enough of the city’s sights, museums, galleries and interesting attractions, while at the same time keeping up with everything that’s going on in the city’s social life. One thing is for sure: Your day in Antwerp will be full and enjoyable!


Antwerp’s international airport (Internationale Luchthaven Antwerpen) is located 6 kilometres from the city centre and is can be reached by train and bus.

Getting around Antwerp

You can get around Antwerp by bus, tram and premetro (a subway tramway). Fares start at 1.20€ and minimum taxi fare costs 3.00€.

Antwerp. Airports
Antwerp has 1 main airports.

Antwerp Guide

Antwerp’s focal point is the Grote Markt, the city;s main square. Dating back to the 16th century, this is the medieval market and still has many buildings reminding the Golden Era of Antwerp, both original and replicas.

  • The Brabo fountain stands at the centre of the square, decorated with a statue of the mythical hero Brabo, who allegedly once saved the city.

  • Behind the fountain, the imposing Town Hall (Stadhuis) is one of Antwerp’s most distinctive landmarks and an excellent example of the Flemish architecture of 1565.

The Grote Markt’s border with Antwerp’s second largest square, Groenplaats, is the Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal), a gothic architectural gem dominating the skyline. It took nearly 170 years for the cathedral’s construction to be completed, in 1512. The inside is elegantly decorated with precious paintings – especially by Rubens – and the cathedral’s outside is recognisable from almost every corner of the town; its bell tower reaches 123 metres high!

Some of Antwerp’s most interesting museums are:

  • The Plantin-Moretus Museum, UNESCO-designated, focusing on the art of book making and housing important historical book collections, manuscripts and documents

  • The Royal Fine Arts Museum (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen), housing the world’s most complete Rubens collection, as well as works by many great artists dating back to the period from the 12th to the 20th century

  • The Rubenshuis, which is Rubens’s former residence and present museum in his honour
Antwerp’s official language is Flemish.

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