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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Cáceres

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Flights from Greece to Cáceres

Cáceres and the outer region surrounding the city is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in Spain. Search for cheap air tickets to Cáceres and you’ll soon realise though that Cáceres is much more than just a beautiful city. A fortified city barely touched by time, Cáceres is a true architectural gem, a fact UNESCO didn’t fail to notice, designated the whole city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Roman, Moorish, Renaissance and Gothic attractions are everywhere around you as you take a walk around the Old Town, with your experience in Cáceres being completed by a vast range of choices in nightlife, gastronomy, museums and galleries; it is, after all, one of Spain’s major university cities. For your accommodation, you can easily find cheap hotels in Cáceres, as it’s a quite budget-friendly destination. Make your travel plans now!

Πληροφορίες για Cáceres

Cáceres is the capital of the homonymous province of Southern Spain, in the Spanish autonomous community of Extremadura. Cáceres is a lively city with an even livelier historic core, always encircled and protected by its well-preserved walls.

Cáceres has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the unique skyline of the city, which combines Roman, Islamic, Gothic and Renaissance elements.

Bustling with young population and bursting with energy, Cáceres has many interesting aspects, apart from its architectural and historical heritage. Nightlife choices are endless and gastronomy is at its best, whereas a different kind of food, food for the mind and soul, can be found in Cáceres’s many museums, galleries and cultural centres.

Getting busier and busier, Cáceres is steadily becoming a top travel destination in Europe; so if you are interested, you had better book your flights now!


The airport of Badajoz (Aeropuerto de Badajoz) is located 40 kilometres southwest of Cáceres and can be reached by bus and taxi.

Getting around Cáceres

You can get around Cáceres by bus and taxi. Fares start at 1.00€ and minimum taxi fare costs 3.00€.

Cáceres. Airports
Cáceres has 1 main airports.
Talavera La Real

Cáceres Guide

Cáceres Viejo is the city’s old fortified town. The walls surrounding this part of the city incorporate both Roman and Moorish characteristics and are extremely well-preserved. From the 30 towers built upon the walls, one is the most awe-inspiring, mostly due to its monumental size; Torre de Bujaco.

The Arco de la Estrella (Arch of Stars) is the main gate to the Old Town, adjacent to Torre de Bujaco. The elaborate gate was built in the 18th century by Manuel Churriguera.

A major highlight of the Old Town is the Plaza de Santa María, dominated by the Cathedral of Cáceres (Catedral de Santa María). The cathedral’s construction was completed in 1500, integrating Gothic and Renaissance details. Visit the cathedral’s crypt if you wish the burial sites of a number of Spanish conquistadors.

At the other end of Cáceres Viejo, the Plaza de San Mateo boasts another imposing religious building; the Iglesia de San Mateo, built in the 14th century upon the foundations of a former mosque.

While you’re in the area, you should definitely visit two important and interesting spots:

  • Casa de las Valetas is a restored mansion now housing the Museum of History and Archaeology of Cáceres, with exceptional collections of prehistoric, Roman and Moorish items.

  • Casa de las Cigüeñas is the last remaining palace in Cáceres in its original state, after the royal height restriction imposed during the 15th century. It now serves as an exhibition centre.
The official language of Cáceres is Spanish.

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