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Giza Pyramids, Cairo
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  • Flights from Greece to Cairo

    “The City of a Thousand Minarets”, Cairo is the capital and the most precious treasure of Egypt. If you wish to travel to a magical destination with an idyllic beauty and a great history spanning thousands of years back in time, you should definitely search for cheap air tickets to Cairo. Imagine the Egyptian capital as a majestic structure with the ancient civilisation of the Pharaohs as foundations, Christian columns and an Islamic roof. Stretching at the eastern side of the Nile Delta, Cairo is a place of rare natural, historical and cultural beauty, a destination everyone should visit in their lives. What are you waiting for? Book your flights and accommodation in Cairo now!

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    Information about Cairo

    Cairo, founded in 641 BC, is the capital of Egypt. During the 9th century, the city became the capital of the Fatimid Caliph and soon grew to be a powerful Islamic city. You can still see fine examples of Islamic architecture in Cairo, adding to the multi-dimensional and multicultural environment of the city, bearing the great heritage of religions, cultures and people that left their mark in Cairo’s history.

    From the 19th century on, Cairo was further developed, with modern additions that led to the creation of a city of European standards, ready to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

    Situated at the Nile Delta, Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the whole Arabic world, with a population of over 19,000,000!

    Hot, dusty, noisy and crowded Cairo has a special king of charm, an aura of mystery, a fairytale-like mood and an otherworldly beauty that will make your stay there unforgettable!


    The airport of Cairo (Cairo International Airport) is located 15 kilometres northeast of Cairo city centre and is accessible by bus and minibus.

    Getting around Cairo

    Cairo’s public transportation network consists of buses, trams and metro lines. Fares start at 1.00 EGP and minimum taxi fare costs around 2.50 EGP.

    Cairo Guide

    The focal point of Cairo is the Tahrir Square, internationally famous as a place of demonstrations and social unrest at times, but also a place of celebrations and hope.

    The square also marks the beginning of all streets of Cairo and serves as a way of distance measurement in the city. It’s the ideal spot for you to have as reference during your stay.

    At the northern side of the square, the pink building that will catch your eye is the Egypt Museum. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, as it is its full name, boasts the largest collection of Egyptian archaeological items in the world, collected from all over the country.

    With over 250,000 items spanning nearly three millennia back in time, the Egypt Museum is the single most important museum in Egypt and one of the most notable ones in the world – and it’s a pleasant place to get a first impression of the great Egyptian historical heritage.

    The area east of the square is known as Islamic Cairo. A region mostly famous for the religious architectural wealth, full of mosques and minarets, Islamic Cairo represents a very significant part of Cairo’s history and is of great importance and interest.

    Coptic Cairo is a small district comprising the oldest part of Cairo, also known as Misr Al Qadimah (Old Cairo). Around the area, you’ll come across the oldest synagogue of Egypt, the first mosque ever built in the country, as well as a large number of Christian churches.

    Medieval Cairo stretches west of the Tahrir Square, a much-loved destination of major cultural importance. This is where you can find Cairo's famous open-air spice markets and idyllic traditional bazaars.

    You cannot leave Cairo without paying a visit to the country’s most treasured attraction and historical site, the Pyramids of Giza.

    The Pyramids of Giza is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World still surviving. Along with the Great Sphinx of Giza, they are the supreme, most enigmatic, mysterious and photogenic sites of Egypt.

    Giza is located 15 kilometres south of Cairo and is one of the top tourist destinations in the world - and has been so since 46 centuries!

    According to archaeological research, the pyramids are considered to have been built in around 2,600 B.C. The construction of the pyramids is placed probably a few hundred years from each other, but everyone agrees that they were all built by members of the same royal family, to serve as royal tombs.

    There are many theories as to how they were constructed, but the actual method still remains a mystery to the modern world. We advise you to get dressed properly, wear preferably light, loose clothing and comfy shoes and enjoy your exploration in this true wondrous place!

    Egypt’s official language is Arabic.

    Visa Requirements

    To travel to Cairo, you need to have:

    • a valid passport with validity extending until 6 months after your travel dates

    • a return ticket

    • a tourist Visa, issued by the Egyptian embassy of your country

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