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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Cardiff

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Flights from Greece to Cardiff

Castles, fairy tales, dragons and arts – this is Cardiff! It’s Europe’s youngest capital and yet attracts more and more visitors who search for cheap air tickets to Cardiff. The welsh capital is famous for its castle, its beautiful Victorian architecture and its parks, while at the same time it tops in music, arts and sports – not to mention its worldwide famous beer, Brains. Either you are an art fanatic or a sports enthusiast, you love castles or you particularly enjoy modern architecture, like live music shows or prefer underground pubs, book your accommodation in one the cheap hotels in Cardiff, grab a Brains and.. go for it!

Πληροφορίες για Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital of Wales, with 1,1 million residents. Due to its geological landscape and its proximity to many coal mines, Cardiff soon became an important coal trading port. People from Cardiff found their place in the industry and economic growth lead to a further development of the city.

Cardiff was founded in 1901 and it owes much of its architectural wealth to John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute and a great philanthropist.
But it wasn’t until 1955, that Cardiff was established and was given the city status. While Cardiff’s historical heritage could not be compared to that of London or Edinburgh, it still has its way of making itself known. Cardiff Bay’s latest renovation plans has made wonders and now visitors can enjoy some excellent examples of modern, futuristic architecture and many notable touristic sights. This is a quite new travel destination, not yet discovered by the grand mass tourism. But it’s getting there; visit as soon as possible!


Cardiff’s international airport (Maes Awyr Caerdydd) is located 19 kilometres west of Cardiff and is accessible by buses and trains.

Getting around Cardiff

Public transportation in Cardiff consists of buses (Cardif Bus) and trains. Ticket fares start at 2.40£ and taxi minimum fare at 2.25£.

Cardiff. Airports
Cardiff has 1 main airports.

Cardiff Guide

The welsh capital blends the old and the new in a unique, almost magical way.

  • The majestic Cardiff Castle, with history spanning over 2,000 years, stands right next to the futuristic Millennium Stadium. This is the city’s main attraction, with architecture that reflects all the different eras of Cardiff, something different from what you’ll encounter in other parts of Wales.

    It was built by the Normans in the 12th century, where once stood a roman fortress of the 1st century. Its high walls and fortifications follow the Victorian style and the west side’s towers date back to the 19th century, with a distinctive colourful clock rising 40 metres high.

  • The Millennium Stadium, on the other hand, is Cardiff’s epitome of modern architecture. With 72,500 seats, it is Britain’s third largest stadium, Wales’s national stadium and the home of the Wales national rugby union team.

This contrast between traditional and modern gets particularly visible around the Cardiff Bay area. An old, historic district of the city, it was recently included in extensive restoration works that resulted in modern piers, restaurants and galleries scattered among traditional red-tile buildings.

Right beside the Millennium Centre – you’ll recognise it’s ship-like façade – notice the red building. It’s the Pierhead Building, built in 1896 and its clock is often called “Baby Big Ben”!

If you wish for a closer look at old Cardiff, head north of the castle, at the Civic Centre area, full of neo-baroque architectural gems like the City Hall, Cardiff University and the National Museum of Wales.

Would you like some more? Learn all about welsh history and people at the open air Museum of National History St. Fagans, with life-size folklore exhibitions of everyday life in Cardiff.

Don’t miss your chance to visit Techniquest, the largest and most precious science and technology centre in Britain. More than 160 interactive exhibitions are there to educate and entertain you, showing that science can really be fun!

In Wales the official languages are English and Welsh. Signs are bilingual, but in this side of Wales it is more likely to hear people speak English, rather than Welsh.

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