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Flights from Greece to Český Krumlov

A magnificent medieval city under the shadow of a monumental castle, Český Krumlov is the most precious treasure of the Czech Republic! If you’re searching for cheap air tickets to Český Krumlov, expect to see an elegant miniature of Prague, across the banks of River Vltava that stretch lined with Renaissance and Baroque buildings. The unmatched beauty of this city of South Bohemia could not go unnoticed; indeed, in 1992 UNESCO enlisted Český Krumlov as a Word Heritage Site, along with Prague. Book your trip and accommodation in Český Krumlov, bring your most comfy shoes and emerge into the undeniable charm of this tiny medieval gem Bohemia’s crown!

Πληροφορίες για Český Krumlov

One of Bohemia’s most beautiful destinations, Český Krumlov can be considered altogether an open-air gallery of Renaissance architecture. Buildings that date back to the 13th century now house idyllic cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shops and museums, bearing the proud title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a fair recognition of the great historical importance and natural scenery of the city and surrounding area.

The iconic Zámek Castle looms over the Old Town and reflects the magnificence of the Rožmberk’s and Schwarzenberg’s years of Český Krumlov. Catch it all lit up at nighttime, for a more romantic touch!

Over the centuries, few were those who tried to alter the skyline of Český Krumlov, with the sole exception of the 19th century, when some renovation projects took place.

Český Krumlov remained as if untouched by time, political turbulence and different regimes, resulting in a very well-preserved historic architecture and medieval feeling all around the city.

Český Krumlov’s original spirit is alive and awaits you!


The nearest airport to Český Krumlov is the airport of Prague (Václav Havel Airport Prague). It is located 143 kilometres north of Český Krumlov and provides transfer either directly to Český Krumlov by bus, or via the centre of Prague by train.

Getting around Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov has a main bus and railway station, however the centre of the Old Town is a car-free zone. So pack comfortable shoes and prepare to explore the city on foot. You can also rent a bicycle.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi; minimum fare costs around 54 CZK.

Český Krumlov. Airports
Český Krumlov has 2 main airports.
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Český Krumlov Guide

Český Krumlov is divided in two main parts; the Main Town and the Latrán district which includes the castle and forms the Old Town of Český Krumlov. Begin your exploration there and notice, among others:

  • Český Krumlov’s castle is named Zámek Český Krumlov and is the second largest castle in Bohemia, following the Castle of Prague. The castle was built in 1240, as part of the Witigonen family’s home. Over the years, it passed from one house to another, with those of Rozmberk and Schwarzenberg being the most memorable. Despite the succession of families in charge of it, the castle had always been the centre of the small kingdom of South and West Bohemia.

    Today, the castle boasts over 300 halls and rooms, five yards and a wide range of buildings that once served as stables, breweries, pharmacies and other additional premises. Allow some time to explore the castle both indoors and outdoors and don’t miss the immaculate view from the top of the castle hill.

  • Nearby the castle gardens, you will come across the Photography Museum Fotoateliér Seidel. Dedicated in the memory of local photographer Josef Seidel and his son, František, the museum holds a permanent exhibition of photographs documenting the life of the surrounding villages during the 20th century.

Cross the bridge to the opposite bank of River Vltava, in the Main Town of Český Krumlov. Your first stop there should absolutely be at the Okresní Museum. With exhibitions stretching over three stories, this museum narrates the last 1,000 years of Český Krumlov’s history. Collections include folklore art, costumes, furniture and sculptures.

Egon Schiele, the famous painter, is one of the most popular figures that lived in Český Krumlov. The rather eccentric lifestyle of the artist shook the conservative society of the town, particularly the fact that he used to share a house with his partner without being married to her and his habit of hiring underage girls as models.

As a result, he was exiled from the city. It was in 1993 that his memory was restored, with the founding of the Egon Schiele Art Centre. Dedicated to the life and work of Egon Schiele, the centre houses a small collection of his paintings, as well as works by other artists of the 20th century.

The Marionette Museum is a branch of the National Theatre of Marionette in Prague. It is housed in the Church of St. Jošt and houses fascinating collections of puppets and marionettes that have been used in the plays of the National Theatre!

The official language of Český Krumlov is Czech.

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