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Flights from Greece to the Isle of Man

Would you like to live in a fairy tale? Search for cheap air tickets to the Isle of Man and visit a place that’s hardly touched by time. Towns, quaint villages and traditional settlements, stone-built temples, castles, walls and fortresses, all point to this fairy-tale atmosphere that’s about to captivate your mind and soul as soon as you set foot on the Isle of Man. The Isle’s historical heritage is great and couldn’t go unnoticed, however the ultimate, one and only landmark of this extraordinary isle is none other than nature itself! Lush green valleys, rolling hills, dark paths and sunny coasts make up an out-of-this-world backdrop for your stay in the Isle of Man. Definitely not a destination for everyone – thank God!

Πληροφορίες για Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man is one of the British Isles, situated in the middle of the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland. It’s considered a British Crown dependant territory, though keeping its autonomy and choosing when and where to co-operate with the United Kingdom.

Due to its strategic location, the Isle of Man knew many conquerors; Celts, Vikings, English, Scots, all made an appearance, yet the Isle remained autonomous. It has its own language, flag and elected parliament.

Visitors to the Isle of Man won’t come across the massive touristic flows they would encounter elsewhere in Europe. Here tourism has yet to be developed, with an exception being the organisation of the annual Tourist Trophy Race.

What visitors do encounter is pure, authentic natural beauty. Serene landscapes and dramatic views, reflecting all the natural majesty one can absorb; you could never guess there’s so much unspoilt nature, so close within Europe.

So what are you waiting for!


The Isle of Man’s airport (Purt Aer Vannin) is located 11 kilometres southwest of the capital, Douglas. It can be reached by bus and steam railway.

Getting around the Isle of Man

You can get around the Isle of Man by bus, ferry, tram and steam and electric railway. Fares start at 10.00£, with a full-day validity.

Isle Of Man. Airports
Isle Of Man has 1 main airports.
Isle Of Man

Isle of Man Guide

Your acquaintance with the Isle of Man begins at Douglas. Capital of the Isle since 1863, Douglas is the main focal point of all activities; in addition, in Douglas you’ll find most of the Isle’s hotels, restaurants and what little infrastructure for tourism it has.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Manx Museum, located in Douglas.

The Manx Museum is an excellent place to learn all about the history of the Isle of Man. Collections include treasures, archaeological findings, artefacts and all kinds of memorabilia and will travel you back in the Isle’s history. You’ll start somewhere around 10,000 ago, continue to the age of Celts, head to the Vikings and reach the – least exciting - modern era.

The Isle of Man is famous for its castles, two of which you simply cannot miss:

  • The Peel Castle, located in the town of Peel, dates back to the 11th century. Within the castle’s walls you can still see the remnants of many religious buildings of the past, such as St. Patrick’s Church, the Round tower, St. Germain’s Cathedral and the royal apartments of the Lords of Mann.

  • The Rushen Castle, one of Europe’s most well-preserved medieval castles; you’ll find in at the location of the Isle of Man’s ancient capital. Once a royal residence, nowadays it houses two galleries.

Before you leave Castletown, be sure to check out the Maritime Museum, if you’re interested in being informed on the Isle’s maritime heritage. Highlight of the museum is Peggy, the legendary ship that was built by Captain George Quayle back in 1789 and is now one of the very few surviving British ships of the 18th century.

Continue to Cregneash, a whole village that serves as a museum. Much more than a simple representation of traditional housing of the Isle, Cregneash is itself a traditional village; as if time stood still around that area, buildings are the same as 100 years ago and locals keep the old way of living, working, eating and.. styling!

Final stop, the Grove Museum at Ramsey, the renovated mansion of the Gibb family that serves as a window to the past and to the Victorian lifestyle.

The official language of the Isle of Man is English. Manx Gaelic, a language closely related to Gaelic, Irish and Scottish, was also recognised as an official language in 1985, although it’s not common at all among the locals.

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