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  • Flights from Greece to Kasos

    Surrounded by Crete and Karpathos, at the southernmost point of the Aegean Sea, tiny Kasos awaits you, Aegean’s still well-kept secret! Getting there is an ordeal to most travellers arriving by boat. The easiest way is to search for cheap air tickets to Kasos, with a connection flight from Karpathos. Kasos will offer you the perfect opportunity to fulfil your wildest dreams of escaping reality; an island of pristine beauty, original experiences, genuine and friendly locals. This year book your holidays in Kasos to enjoy a stay of quality, without needless luxuries, and get in touch with nature – and with your inner self. Hardly affected by the large-scale tourist waves Greece is flooded with during the summer, Kasos welcomes its few visitors, embraces them and becomes unforgettable. Book your flights and accommodation in Kasos and you won’t be let down!

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    Information about Kasos

    Kasos has been inhabited since the prehistoric years. Legends say that such was the island’s maritime power, that it participated both in the Trojan War and the Delian League! This glorious maritime heritage is an indispensable part of Kasos’s tradition and is still evident throughout the small island.

    Kasos’s rulers include a succession of Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans who left their mark on the island, while the role of Kasos in the 1821 Greek War of Independence was crucial – and proved to be fatal.

    Kasos was one of the first Greek islands to declare their independence from the Ottomans. It was on June the 7th, 1824, when the Turks, assisted by an Egyptian fleet, arrived in Kasos to take their revenge, murdering and selling for slaves around 7,000 Kasians and burning the entire island. Kasos never returned to its former development.

    Kasos stands out from the rest of the Greek islands; pocket-sized and with just a basic tourist infrastructure, it does not offer luxury, but quality and honesty! The 1,000 inhabitants of Kasos will go out of their way to help you have the best of times.

    Kasos has five main villages: Fry, the capital, Agia Marina, Arvanitochori, Poli, Panagia and Emporios.


    The airport of Kasos (Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Κάσου) is located 4 kilometres from Fry, Kasos’s capital, and is accessible by bus.

    Getting around Kasos

    You can get around Kasos by bus and taxi.

    Kasos Guide

    Your day in Kasos begins at Fry, capital and one of Kasos’s three ports.

    Fry is said to have been named after the Greek word “Φρύδι” (eyebrow), due to its shape.

    Fry is a small, but very interesting village, lined with traditional architecture and restored mansions. Fry is the place for you to find the best deals in hotels and accommodation, since it’s the most organised location, in terms of tourism.

    Highlight of Fry is the iconic port of Bouka and the path that leads to the Church of Saint Spyridon of Trimythounta, patron saint of Kasos.

    Continue to Arvanitochori and Agia Marina, two picturesque villages that reflect the traditional character of Kasos Island.

    • Arvanitochori is located at the foot of Kasos’s hills at the centre of the island and has a splendid skyline of whitewashed houses and flowered alleys. The Folklore Museum of Kasos is a must-see in Arvanitochori.

    • Agia Marina is Kasos’s largest village and stretches across a series of imposing mountain peaks. Well-preserved restored mansions, white-domed churches and windmills make up Agia Marina’s backdrop, accompanied by some interesting archaeological sites dating from the prehistoric era.

    Poli is the oldest settlement of Kasos and, at an altitude of 200 metres, commands some breathtaking views. The acropolis of the ancient city of Poli looms over the village and is just one of the numerous 4th-century archaeological sites and monuments you will come across.

    Be sure to visit the Byzantine Church of Saint Onuphrius, built in the 12th century with building material from a former paleochristian church of the region.

    The villages of Panagia and Emporios are located nearby and are lined with beautiful captains’ houses and churches; this is where you can attend a local feast (“panigiri”)!

    The official language of Kasos is Greek.

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