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  • Flights from Greece to Leros

    Welcome to Leros, one of the greenest islands in the Aegean Sea. If you have never thought of searching for cheap air tickets to Leros, then it may be time you did! A beautiful, unique and recently added to the bucket list of the alternative travellers, Leros is part of the Dodecanese island group and is the place to be, if you wish to experience a travel destination with originality. Once stigmatised as a place of exile for political prisoners, modern Leros has moved forward and now ranks among Greece’s popular holiday destinations, offering fascinating experiences and sights, always in accordance with the island’s traditional Greek character. Architecture enthusiasts will be speechless, history lovers will enjoy a marvellous travel back in time and swimmers will have a difficult time picking a different beach every day. As far as nightlife is concerned, while Leros cannot be compared to Mykonos or Ios, it sure has a decent nightlife; a fine selection of bars and idyllic cafes, restaurants offering local delicacies and budget-friendly choices for everyone. Still wondering? Book your holidays now, find the cheapest hotels in Leros and prepare for a most authentic, pleasant and interesting stay!

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    Information about Leros

    Leros is a quiet, peaceful island, featuring a rich and beautiful natural landscape, long stretches of fertile fields and a wonderful bunch of magical coves, bays and beaches. With a backdrop made up of medieval churches, Byzantine churches, windmills and splendid shores, Leros captivates every unsuspected visitor. It is hard to believe that the island wasn’t always as it is now.

    Leros served as a place of exile for political prisoners; a title that was difficult to get rid of, but eventually protected the island from the massive tourist development and everything that comes with it.

    The capital of Leros is the village of Platanos, a settlement built amphitheatrically around the Castle. A charming labyrinth of narrow streets filled with traditional architecture around the central square and the legendary plane tree, this is where your adventure begins!


    The airport of Leros (Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Λέρου) is located on the northern side of the island, at the Partheni village and is accessible by bus and taxi.

    Getting around Leros

    Leros is served by an extensive bus network; bus fares and minimum taxi fare vary, depending on your route.

    Leros Guide

    Your day in Leros begins in Agia Marina, one of the island’s two ports, with a lighthouse and a windmill marking the port.

    The second port of Leros is located in the village of Lakki and is one of the largest natural bays in the Mediterranean!

    The village of Agia Marina, apart from overwhelmingly beautiful, is also extremely interesting. Highlights include:

    • The metropolitan church of Agia Marina, built in 1933

    • The Archaeological Museum of Leros, housed in a neoclassical building that dates back to 1882, holds interesting archaeological collections with items spanning a period of time from the pre-historic to the medieval era

    Continue to Planatos, capital and oldest settlement of Leros. Idyllic and atmospheric, Platanos features a charming skyline made up of traditional houses and elegant neoclassical mansions that were built by wealthy locals during the 19th century.

    Platanos was named after the gigantic plane tree that has been sitting for centuries now on the central square of the village.

    Heading south, you will come across Panteli, a village that was recently incorporated into the capital and is famous for two things: The windmills and the castle!

    Perched on the top of the Apitiki hill, the Castle of Panteli was built in the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komninos and was further reinforced and extended under the rule of the Knights of Saint John, during the 13th – 15th centuries.

    At the western side of the castle, the church of Our Lady of the Castle is estimated to have been during the 11th century, but got its final form after 1719. An important counterpart of local religious tradition, the church houses a collection of icons, manuscripts and an allegedly miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

    When you reach the sea-side village of Alida, you should visit the Beleni Tower; Leros’s most impressive structure, the neo-Gothic tower dates back to 1925 and now houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of Leros, with collections of:

    • costumes, dinnerware and furniture of the ‘20’s

    • art exhibitions dedicated to local painter and exile Kyriakos Tsakiris

    • memorabilia from the times the tower serves as a German military hospital

    Leros boasts many excellent beaches for everyone. You will find the organised beaches of Gourna, Vromolithos, Krithoni and Alinda, the pebbly beaches of Agia Kioura and Blefoutis and the secluded and Kryfos.

    The official language of Leros is Greek.

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