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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Lyon

Κλείστε φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Lyon. Ταξίδι για διακοπές ή για εργασία. Για όποιον λόγο και να ταξιδεύετε το Travelkiki βρίσκει για εσάς αεροπορικά εισητήρια για Lyon εύκολα και γρήγορα. Οργανώστε το ταξίδι σας και αφήστε το Travelkiki να σας κλείσει τα πιο φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Lyon!

Flights from Greece to Lyon

Lyon is France’s third largest city and it’s getting more and more interesting! Art, history, gastronomy and fun lovers search for cheap air tickets to Lyon, to find the perfect combination of all of the above. At the confluence of two emblematic rivers, Lyon honours its grand heritage, enriching it with modern elements in a unique way. Roman theatres and traditional textile manufacturers meet contemporary architecture and modern boutiques, providing the world with first-class quality textiles and fashion material. A dynamic art scene, a vibrant nightlife and a delicious cuisine complete the picture, while Lyon’s many historic landmarks and monuments are always there to remind us that a city’s past can show the way to its future! Make your plans and organise your trip and accommodation in Lyon, and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life!

Πληροφορίες για Lyon

At the crossroads between south and north, Rivers Rhône and Saône, Lyon was the ideal choice for the Romans to found the capital of Gaul. In 43 A.D. Lugdunum was founded as the administrative centre of Roman Gaul, even before it was Roman!

The years that followed, Lyon knew a tremendous development in trade and textile industry, a fact that lead to a further development in culture, art and all aspects of a civilised and successful metropolis.

Today, Lyon is the third largest city in France and is proud of its cultural heritage, strong art scene and pure love for everything that has to do with culture.

Lyon boasts France’s most valued cuisine, also considered one of the world’s best!

A top travel destination for travellers around the globe, Lyon will offer you an experience to remember!


Lyon’s international airport (Aéroport Lyon Saint-Exupéry) is located 20 kilometres east of Lyon and can be reached by bus, tram and train.

Getting around Lyon

You can get around Lyon by metro (6 lines), tram (5 lines), buses, public bikes (Vélo'v) and trains. Fares start at 1.70€ and minimum taxi fare costs around 3.00€.

Lyon. Airports
Lyon has 2 main airports.
Saint Exupery

Lyon Guide

Begin your day in Lyon at the St. John's Cathedral (Cathédrale St-Jean) that dates back to somewhere between the 11th and the 16th century. An excellent example of Romanesque architecture, the original structure was enriched with gothic elements in 1480. The cathedral’s astronomical clock is not to be missed!

Take the funicular to the Colline de Fourvière hill, where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Lyon. Churches, monasteries, two roman theatres and a quite interesting French-Roman museum with archaeological collections and roman artefacts are located at the hill’s top.

The hill’s highlight is the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. This is a particularly attractive church, bearing elegant religious murals and mosaics from the 19th century and topped with four distinctive octagonal towers.

At the north side of Lyon, across River Rhône, you will find a series of interesting museums:

  • The Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts) houses one of the best French art collections in the world; highlights include masterpieces by Rodin, Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse and Monet.

  • The museum complex that encompasses the Decorative Arts (Musée des Arts-Décoratifs) and the Textile Museum (Musée des Tissus) is one of the city’s main points of interest, with collections of furniture, mosaics, tapestry and around 2,000 different kinds of fine textile, representing the 2,000-year-old history of Lyon.
Don’t miss the Amphithéâtre des Trois-Gauls, a significant Roman theatre that dates back to 19 A.D. Archaeological research concludes that the theatre, with a capacity of 20,000, used to house all the important meetings, fights and performances of Roman times. In 1961, it was characterised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lyon's official language is French.

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