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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Maastricht

Κλείστε φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Maastricht. Ταξίδι για διακοπές ή για εργασία. Για όποιον λόγο και να ταξιδεύετε το Travelkiki βρίσκει για εσάς αεροπορικά εισητήρια για Maastricht εύκολα και γρήγορα. Οργανώστε το ταξίδι σας και αφήστε το Travelkiki να σας κλείσει τα πιο φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Maastricht!

Flights from Greece to Maastricht

Roman ruins, medieval churches and an elegant skyline with Baroque and Gothic elements.. this is the Netherlands with a pinch of France and a dash of Belgium. Search for cheap air tickets to Maastricht and get to know the southernmost capital of the Netherlands in depth, beyond its famous treaty that led the way to the foundation of the European Union, back in 1992. A modern city with a large student population, Maastricht is an art, theatre and culture advocate, featuring world class museums and galleries, gourmet restaurants and an extremely vibrant nightlife. Boasting historical sights, churches and cathedrals, idyllic canals and fairy-tale castles, Maastricht honours its grand heritage and invites you to join this fantastic journey in time, from the Roman era to the European present and future. Book your flights and accommodation in Maastricht and enjoy it to the fullest!

Πληροφορίες για Maastricht

A beautiful Dutch destination steeped in history and rich in culture, Maastricht is the southernmost capital of the Netherlands and has a population of 118,000. Holding the title of one of Europe’s most liveable cities, Maastricht couldn’t be anything but an idyllic travel destination.

Maastricht is the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg, named after River Maas. Once a Roman settlement named Mosae Trajectam, the city was built in 50 BC on a strategic location between the river and the fort of Sint-Pietersberg.

Visitors in Maastricht are astounded by the wealth of sights and experiences they can enjoy; whether it’s history, culture, fine dining or nightlife you seek, in Maastricht choices are endless.

Submerge into Maastricht’s Old Town and you’ll be amazed by its great heritage. Dig into the modern parts of the city and you will come across a different background of equal beauty and interest.


The airport of Maastricht (Maastricht Aachen Airport) is located 9.3 kilometres northeast of the city centre and can be reached by bus No. 59.

Getting around Maastricht

You can get around Maastricht by bus and rail. Fares start from 2.20€ and minimum taxi fare costs 5.50€.

Maastricht. Airports
Maastricht has 1 main airports.

Maastricht Guide

Your day in Maastricht begins at the Old Town and its central square, Vrijthof. Dominating the square, the Basilica of Saint Servatius (Sint-Servaasbasiliek) features a marvellous blend of architectural styles that captivates visitors.

The church was built in 1,000 AD and houses the tomb and relics of Saint Servatius (Sint-Servaas), serving as a famous pilgrimage site since over 300 years! Pay special attention to the Treasury of the church (Kerkschat), where an immense collection of valuable treasures and precious donations by the pilgrims await.

Outside the western wall of the Sint-Servaasbasiliek, you can see the “Grameer” (Grandma), the bell of Saint Servatius. Weighing 6,600 kilograms, this is the largest bell in the Netherlands and the ultimate landmark of Maastricht.

Right opposite the basilica, you will find yet another church, the Gothic Church of Saint John (Sint-Janskerk). Dating back to the 14th century, the church is primarily famous for its bell tower. The monumental red bell tower of the Saint John’s Church is astounding; climb up the 218 winding steps to the tower’s viewing platform and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of your life!

Continue to the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square, where the homonymous church (Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek) stands as the oldest and most architecturally important building in Maastricht. The church was built in the 11th century, upon the foundations of a former pagan temple.

The Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek church houses the icon of Stella Maris (Our Lady Star of the Sea), allegedly having healing properties.

Cross over to the east bank of River Maas and explore the modern Céramique district; your eye will be immediately caught by the metallic 28-metre-tall tower of Bonnefantenmuseum. Collections there include works of art from the 13th to the 17th century, contemporary art and a fine collection of medieval art, the so-called Neutelings.

Finally, you should by all means visit Helpoort, the oldest fortified gate in the Netherlands, leading to the Sint-Pietersberg castle, dating back to the Roman times.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the underground tunnel network under the Sint-Pietersberg that consists of over 20,000 paths; this area was used as a refuge during the Roman era, the medieval sieges and World War II.

The official language of Maastricht is Dutch, but English, French and German are also widely spoken.

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