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Κλείστε φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Nijmegen. Ταξίδι για διακοπές ή για εργασία. Για όποιον λόγο και να ταξιδεύετε το Travelkiki βρίσκει για εσάς αεροπορικά εισητήρια για Nijmegen εύκολα και γρήγορα. Οργανώστε το ταξίδι σας και αφήστε το Travelkiki να σας κλείσει τα πιο φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Nijmegen!

Flights from Greece to Nijmegen

Welcome to the most historic city of the Netherlands! Search for cheap air tickets to Nijmegen and discover the heart of one of the oldest Dutch cities, with a history that dates back to 104 AD. At the magical fields of Gelderland, Nijmegen is a university town full energy and enthusiasm, that embraces its historic heritage and looks straight into the future. Monuments and reminders of the Roman era, medieval castles and fairy-tale towers, imposing cathedrals for the culture-lovers; a wide range of restaurants and idyllic eetcafés with lots of mouthwatering local delicacies for the food-lovers; a beautiful natural backdrop with amazing views and the authentic Dutch character for the romantics; cheap hotels in Nijmegen for everyone!

Πληροφορίες για Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the capital of the Dutch province of Gelderland, in the southeastern part of the country that shares borders with Germany. With a current population of 160,000, Nijmegen is excessively proud of its majestic heritage.

Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands, having obtained the city status in 104 AD, by Roman Emperor Trajan.

Standing between Rivers Nederrijn and Waal, where the Rhine crosses the Dutch borders and gets divided in two, Nijmegen offers exquisite views, creating the perfect background for you to set your base and explore all that this wonderful city has to offer.


The international airport of Amsterdam (Luchthaven Schiphol) is located 124 kilometres southwest of Nijmegen and can be reached by railway (1.30 hours).

Getting around Nijmegen

You can get around Nijmegen using the city’s extensive bus network (Breng). Fares start at 1.80€ and minimum taxi fare costs 4.00€.

Nijmegen. Airports
Nijmegen has 2 main airports.
Amsterdam Centraal

Nijmegen Guide

The central square of Nijmegen is Grote Markt, located at the centre of Nijmegen’s historic core. Devastated by the World War II bombings, the city was later extensively restored; the result is more than efficient!

Grote Markt is dominated by the statue of Mariken van Nieumeghen, heroine of a local Dutch tale, who was tricked by the Devil and after her long self-punishment, she was forgiven by God.

The most notable building in Grote Markt, the Waaggebouw dates back to 1612, when it served as the place to weigh one’s baked goods. The elegant Renaissance building now houses a restaurant.

East of the Grote Markt, you’ll come across the City Hall of Nijmegen (Stadhuis), standing among a complex of renovated mansions built in the 14th century. The City Hall was designed by Herman van Herengave and it is elaborately decorated with sculptures and statues depicting royal personalities, emperors and other notable figures of the region.

Sint-Stevenskerk or Grote Kerk is the Gothic church dominating the hill looming over River Waal. It was built in 1260, but its construction was completed in 1560. Notice the octagonal bell tower, dating back to the 18th century; it’s one of the city’s major landmarks.

Make a stop at the Valkhof park, at in idyllic location with great views of Nijmegen and continue to Sint-Niklaaskapel, the church of Saint Nicholas dating back to 1030. Nearby, you can see the ruins of a Frankish castle and a museum (Museum het Valhkof) that boasts excellent collections of local art and regional history.

The official language in Nijmegen is Dutch.

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