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Rio-Antirrio Suspension Bridge
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  • Flights from Greece to Patras

    Welcome to Patras, a vibrant modern city with a special sparkle! Greece’s most famous port and the undeniable queen of the Greek carnival, Patras stretches at the foot of the Panachaiko mountain range and boasts amazing sights of architecture, history and culture. Would you like to travel to Greece? Why not search for cheap airtickets to Patras! Close to Athens and many seaside resorts, Patras is the perfect choice for a relaxing city break in Greece and a good base to venture out to the surrounding region, picturesque villages and dreamy beaches of Peloponnese. The city itself is charming, lined with neoclassical buildings reflective of its majestic past, centred on a busy port, traditionally the focal point of transport, travel and tourism. At night, Patras is more stunning than ever, attracting the entire student population that contributes to a vibrant nightlife and lively atmosphere. Visit in March and experience the most popular carnival in Greece and one of Europe’s largest. Book your flights, find easily cheap accommodation in Patras and get ready to dive into the city’s special essence!

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    Information about Patras

    Patras is capital of the Achaea prefecture and the largest city of Peloponnese. Crossing the largely pedestrianized streets of the city, you will soon realise that this is a charming, interesting and cosmopolitan destination, bustling with the life and energy of 20,000 students of the Patras University.

    Patras was named after Patreus, the mythical King of a group of Achaeans that fled Sparta right after the Dorian Invasion. According to legends, he was the founder of Patras in 1,100 BC.

    The cityscape of Patras is dominated by the port, with ships arriving from and leaving to the Ionian Islands and Italy. The skyline of Patras consists of old houses from the ‘50’s and a series of elegant renovated neoclassical buildings, situated around large squares and notable architectural landmarks; the Archaeological Museum of Patras, the Roman Odeon and the Rio – Antirro Bridge are some of the most significant examples.

    A vibrant city all-year-round, Patras is the ultimate party destination in Greece, hosting the country’s greatest Carnival that attracts thousands of revellers from across Europe.

    When you feel you want to escape the daily routine, just head out to one of the charming seaside villages and fabulous beaches. Patras makes up the perfect city-break destination; do not miss it for the world!


    The airport of Araxos (Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Αράξου "Αγαμέμνων") is located in the Larissos area, 45 kilometres from Patras and is served by a bus network.

    Getting around Patras

    You can get around Patras using the city’s extensive bus and suburban railway network; minimum taxi fare costs around 3.40€.

    Patras Guide

    Your day in Patras begins at the Archaeological Museum of Patras, the city’s most notable museum, boasting excellent collections of archaeological items from the prehistoric and the Roman era.

    The Archaeological Museum of Patras is Greece’s second largest and one of the greatest museums of its kind in Europe!

    Collections include elegant mosaics, jewellery and personal items from Patras and the surrounding regions, as well as a fabulous collection of Mycenaean military equipment.

    Heading to the port of Patras, you will come across the Church of Saint Andrew, a major landmark of Patras’s skyline. The church was founded in 1908 in honour of Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Patras, but was not inaugurated until 1974.

    With a capacity of 5,500 people and topped with a 46-metre-tall dome, the Church of Saint Andrew is considered to be the largest church in the Balkans.

    The monumental façade of the church is accompanied by lavish and elaborate indoor decorations, placed around the relics of Saint Andrew.

    The next important landmark of Patras is the Lighthouse of Patras, a symbol of the Achaean capital since 1878. It was then, that the first stone lighthouse was built at the port of Patras; in 1972 it was brought down and a new one was built in 1999, an exact copy of the original.

    Continue west, to find the Roman Odeon of Patras; an essential part of Greece’s archaeological sites, the Roman Odeon is estimated to have been built even before the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens.

    The Roman Odeon of Patras has been fully restored and frequently hosts plays, performances and cultural events, with the most well-known being the International Festival of Patras.

    Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Castle of Patras, a medieval fortress built near the ancient acropolis of Patras. The initial Roman structure was reinforced and extended over the years by Byzantines, Venetians and Turkish. Climb the 190 steps to the top of the Castle and you will be rewarded with an immaculate panoramic view of the Ionian Sea!

    The official language of Patras is Greek.

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