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Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth
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  • Flights from Greece to Plymouth

    Welcome to Plymouth, England's beautiful, historic, busy and largest natural port! If you are searching for cheap air tickets to Plymouth, you should know that it’s a city that, apart from immense beauty, boasts a marvellous history and precious heritage. This gem of the English South is a destination that combines the serenity and laid-back atmosphere of a small town, with the comforts, attractions and activities of a large metropolis. In Plymouth you’ll be taught history – English and international; you will have the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding natural landscape, visit word-class museums and taste mouth-watering local delicacies. Your stay in Plymouth is always far from boring – and that’s a promise!

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    Information about Plymouth

    Plymouth is the largest city across the southern coast of England, representing the largest naval base in Western Europe. With the naval tradition deeply rooted, Plymouth is directly linked to the historic expeditions of Sir Francis Drake and the legendary voyage of the Pilgrims which led to the first English settlement in New England.

    Plymouth’s history is full of adventure and romance, just like a fairy tale. However, it wasn’t always like this; World War II brought terrible bombings that completely destroyed over 75,000 historic buildings. Today, only part of the old town survives, mainly around the Barbican.

    Modern Plymouth loves tourism – and vice versa. Plymouth is now one of the top travel destinations in the United Kingdom and boasts a wealth of social, cultural and artistic spots, attractions and activities, a vibrant nightlife and a large student population.

    Pick Plymouth as your next destination and enjoy the ultimate city-break!


    The airport of Plymouth (Plymouth City Airport) is located 6.5 kilometres north of the city centre and can be reached by bus.

    Getting around Plymouth

    You can get around Plymouth using the city’s extensive bus network. Weekly fares start at 14.00£ and minimum taxi fare costs 4.25£.

    Plymouth Guide

    Your day in Plymouth couldn’t begin but at the Plymouth Hoe or simply “The Hoe”, as the locals call it. Here lies the heart and soul of Plymouth, at one of the most well-designed natural ports in the world. Focal point and centre of the local social life, the Hoe is the place to find a wide range of restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.

    At the Hoe, everything is centred on the statue of Sir Arthur Drake, where legends say he was calmly playing bowls while thinking how to face the Spanish Armada, back in 1588.

    Highlights of the Plymouth Hoe include:

    • Plymouth’s iconic Smeaton’s Tower is the emblematic red-and-white lighthouse that decorates one side of the Hoe and was actually established as the model for every lighthouse construction!

      It was built in 1795 at the location of the Eddystone Rocks, 25 kilometres away from Plymouth and in 1882 it moved to its current location. Climb up the 93 steps to the top, get a glimpse of how the life of a lighthouse keeper looks like and enjoy a magnificent view of the city, the sea and the Dartmoor National Park.

    • The Royal Citadel is one of the largest castles in the country, dating back to the 17th century. Holding an idyllic location, it is full of wartime monuments.

    If you wish to see a little bit of pre-war Plymouth, head to the Barbican, the city’s oldest district that managed to survived the World War II bombings. Apart from its architectural importance, this is a place of great historical value as well; Sir Arthur Drake and the Pilgrim Fathers are legendary figures linked to the Barbican and you can find many monuments and historic landmarks witnessing their history and heritage.

    The Mayflower Steps represent the point where the Pilgrim Fathers embarked on the Mayflower, the ship that brought into existence the first English settlement in New England. The name of the settlement; Plymouth, Massachusetts!

    Nearby, you will come across the National Marine Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the United Kingdom, housing a full range of freshwater fish, in some of the world's largest fish tanks.

    Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to see the finest example of 16th-century architecture in Plymouth, the Merchant’s House. This historic building has served many purposes over the years, having also served as the residence of at least three mayors of Plymouth. Condemned to be demolished, it was finally renovated and converted into a museum dedicated to the history of Plymouth.

    The official language of Plymouth is English.

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