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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Turin

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Flights from Greece to Turin

Turin is famous for Fiat, Juventus and Italian cinema. Is that all? Everyone looking for cheap air tickets to Turin will state Turin is so much more! At the confluence of Rivers Po and Dora, the capital of Piemonte is a magical city. If you book your accommodation in any of the cheap hotels in Turin, you will find out that the city’s real beauty is hidden behind the fact that it’s a cheap, green and easily accessible travel destination, the perfect alternative if you would like to enter the basics of the Italian culture, away from the most expensive and crowded Italian hotspots. Turin is a city with a famous past, a world-class museum society and a great deal of history that reflects upon its architecture and character. Tempted?

Πληροφορίες για Turin

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region, in North Italy, once an important industrial centre and the first capital of the united Italian nation.

Turin has a rich heritage of art and culture, owning its artistic development largely to the House of Savoy, famous European and international art collectors and passionate about ancient civilisations.

However, modern Torino does not fail to catch up with its old greatness, providing more than enough interest and resources for the development of modern art, cinema and creativity.

Turin was named the “World’s Capital of Design” in 2008!

Turin is a destination of enormous historical, cultural and artistic value. The moment you set foot in the city, you will love it!


Turin’s international airport (Aeroporto di Torino) is located 15 kilometres northwest of the city and can be reached by train (Ferrovia Torino-Ceres) and the SADEM and Terravision buses.

Getting around Turin

Turin’s public transportation network consists of metro (1 line), suburban railway (2 lines), tramway (8 lines) and buses. Fares start at 1.50€ and minimum taxi fare is 3.50€.

Turin. Airports
Turin has 1 main airports.

Turin Guide

Piazza Castello is Turin’s central square and seat of the Palazzo Madama. The palace was built in favour of Marie Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy that governed as a regent for many years until her sons came of coronation age. The enormous area that encompasses the palace includes a medieval castle, a Roman gate and the quite interesting Municipal Museum of Ancient Art (Museo Civico di Arte Antica), housing a rare archaeological collection of the Kingdom of Gandhāra.

Within short distance, you’ll come across the Royal Palace of Turin (Palazzo Reale), the main residence of the House of Savoy. Built in 1645 by Carlo di Castellamonte, it is decorated with beautiful murals and houses interesting collections of Japanese and Chinese porcelains.

Head to the Museo Egizio, where one of the world’s largest Egyptian collections is housed and exhibited, donated to Turin by the House of Savoy. The collection consists of 30,000 items, archaeological findings and artefacts from Egypt. On the second floor, the Galleria Sabauda boasts an elegant European art collection, with masterpieces by Rubens, van Dyck and Rembrandt.

Turin is a city of landmarks and historic sites, two of which are of both religious and historical interest:

  • Turin’s Cathedral is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and was built in the 15th century on an ancient religious location. The cathedral is famous for housing the Shroud of Turin, the cloth that allegedly covered the body of Jesus right after his crucifixion.

  • The Basilica di Superga dates back to 1706 and has a dominant position on top of the Superga hill. The church served the royal mausoleum, but it was something else that overshadowed its fame. In 1949, the plane carrying the “Grande Torino” football team crashed by the church wall and plunged the Italian nation into mourning. Take a moment and visit the monument of the people that perished at the crash.
The official language of Turin is Italian.

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