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Αεροπορικά Εισιτήρια Tromso

Κλείστε φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Tromso. Ταξίδι για διακοπές ή για εργασία. Για όποιον λόγο και να ταξιδεύετε το Travelkiki βρίσκει για εσάς αεροπορικά εισητήρια για Tromso εύκολα και γρήγορα. Οργανώστε το ταξίδι σας και αφήστε το Travelkiki να σας κλείσει τα πιο φθηνά αεροπορικά εισιτήρια για Tromso!

Flights from Greece to Tromso

Tromso (Tromsø), the Gateway to the Arctic and Norway’s hidden gem! Search for cheap air tickets to Tromso, if you wish to see with your own eyes the never-ending day and the magical arctic lights of aurora borealis; trace the steps of Amundsen, when he sailed to discover the North and South Pole and meet the Sámi people, the northernmost indigenous Europeans! Tromso is a city of radiant beauty, fascinating history and vibrant life, with a surprisingly pleasant climate. If you love nature, a great variety of adventure and hiking activities await you, along with anything you could ask of a travel destination. Book your trip, organise your accommodation in Tromso, get warmly dressed and head out to one of the most exciting experiences of your life!

Πληροφορίες για Tromso

Tromso may have obtained its city status in 1974, but has a long history, stretching back to the 13th century. A major commercial hub and later starting point of Scandinabia’s greatest maritime expeditions and discoveries, Tromso is known as the “Gateway to the Arctic”.

The largest part of Tromso is built on an isle (Tromsøya) between mainland Norway and Kvaløya isle.

Tromso enjoys a surprisingly pleasant climate – definitely not as cold as you imagine – due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream.

The Cathedral, the university, a traditional brewery and the botanical gardens, all form part of Tromso’s attractions and boast to be the northernmost of their kind. Unique days and nights, in a very special European destination, just for you!


The airport of Tromso (Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes) is located 3 kilometres northwest of the city centre and can be reached by bus (Flybussen).

Getting around Tromso

You can get around Tromso by bus and bicycle. Fares start at 30.00 ΝΟΚ and minimum taxi fare costs 50.00 ΝΟΚ.

Tromso. Airports
Tromso has 1 main airports.

Tromso Guide

Tromso’s strategic location, protecting the city from the extreme arctic weather conditions, has always played a major role in the development of navigation and trade; Tromso was the starting point of the greatest Scandinavian expeditions and discoveries!

If you wish to know more on this historical era of Tromso’s history, you should definitely visit the Polar Museum, at Tromso’s old port. The museum is housed in the old customs house, a building dating back to 1830, and boasts extensive collections related to the exploration days, focusing especially on Roald Amundsen.

You’ll find Tromso’s next best museum at the southern tip of Tromsøya isle. The Tromso University Museum is dedicated to the history of Tromso and focuses on the history, culture and modern lifestyle of the Sámi people.

The Sámi people are Scandinavia’s indigenous population, acknowledged and officially protected by international conventions. They are, indeed, the northernmost indigenous society in the world!

The University Museum also features a collection dedicated to the Vikings, as well as a wing that focuses on nature and raises important questions about the relationship between man and nature and its protection.

As you take a walk around the city, your eye will be caught by a peculiar octagonal building. It’s the Arctic Cathedral (Ishavskatedralen), built in 1965, and a significant landmark of Tromso.

The Arctic Cathedral of Tromso is famous for its organ, designed to resemble the sails of a ship!

To enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Tromso, take the funicular Fjellheisen. Within a 4-minute-long fascinating ride, you will find yourself on Storseinen, a hill top 420 metres above sea level. There, you can gaze at the midnight sun, have a candlelight dinner or follow one of the hiking paths, to have your hiking adventure in Tromso.

Before you go, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Macks Ølbryggeri brewery. Founded in 1877, this traditional brewery produces over 20 different local beer types!

The official language of Tromso is Norwegian, but practically everyone speaks fairly good English.

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