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Flights from Greece to San Miguel de Tucuman

Vibrant, hot and charming, Tucumán holds its own personal place in the pantheon of Argentinian cities. Search for cheap air tickets to San Miguel de Tucumán and see for yourself the most historic destination of Argentina! Follow the steps of the most significant personalities of the past and walk the halls where the Argentine Declaration of Independence was once signed. Get to know a city of original beauty, relaxing atmosphere, a population full of youth and energy and endless choices of entertainment, both mental and physical; this is the Argentinian spirit! Find the cheapest hotels in Tucumán, plan your trip and you’ll soon realise reality: This city is like none other!

Πληροφορίες για San Miguel de Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital of Tucumán Province, also known as “El Jardín de la República” (The Garden of Democracy); indeed, the historical value and heritage of Tucumán is priceless to the Argentinian nation.

San Miguel de Tucumán has been forever immortalised as the place where the Declaration of Independence of Argentina was signed, on July 9th 1816.

Tucumán has this distinctive calmness that conveys a deeper power and energy. With a booming art and music scene, a rare cultural wealth and large doses of Argentinian tradition, all surrounded by magnificent scenery, this surely is a destination worthy of your attention!


The airport of San Miguel de Tucumán (Aeropuerto Internacional de Tucumán) is located 11.5 kilometres east of the city centre and can be reached by bus and taxi.

Getting around San Miguel de Tucumán

You can get around San Miguel de Tucumán by bus and taxi. Fares start at 1.50 ARS and minimum taxi fares costs 13.00 ΑRS.

San Miguel de Tucuman. Airports
San Miguel de Tucuman has 1 main airports.
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San Miguel de Tucumán Guide

Point of reference in San Miguel de Tucumán is the Independence Square (Plaza Independencia), surrounded by some of the most historically significant buildings of the city.

  • The Presidential Palace of Tucumán (Casa de Gobierno de Tucumán) was built in 1908 in an Art Nouveau architectural style with French and Italian influences; a marvellous building beautifully decorated and of great historical value for Argentina.

  • Casa de la Independecia is, without a doubt, the ultimate tourist, historic and cultural attraction in Tucumán.
In Casa de la Independencia, on July 9th 1816 the Congress of Tucumán signed the Declaration of Independence of Argentina (Declaración de independencia de la Argentina). The building now serves as a museum, holding interesting collections of artefacts and other memorabilia.
  • The Basílica de San Francisco is Tucumán’s oldest church; its construction began in the 16th century and was completed by 1879.

Continue to the next spot, the Parque 9 de Julio, one of Argentina’s largest public parks, designed by Charles Thays. Among other sites, you’ll see the Lake San Miguel and the colonial Primate mansion, both of them elegantly decorated with sculptures and statues.

Tucumán’s official language is Spanish.

Visa Requirements

To travel to Argentina, you need a passport with validity extending 6 months after your travel dates. Greek citizens do not need a tourist Visa, for a maximum stay of 90 days.

When to Go

San Miguel de Tucumán has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons: Summer is hot and very humid and autumn is very short, practically a transition phase between summer and winter. Winter is mild and dry and spring temperatures and humidity begin to rise again. As long as you are properly prepared, you can safely visit San Miguel de Tucumán any season of the year.

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